VSO ICE London Exclusive Interview With Amigo Gaming

Ivan Lopez

VSO News visited the Amigo Gaming stand at ICE London 2022 to speak with marketing manager Iván López (on right above) about the young supplier’s ambitions.

A firm eye on growth

Amigo Gaming is the new kid on the block in the world of online slot gaming. Established only last year, the company has already released a number of games with its distinctive branding, such as Amigo Bronze Classic and Amigo Fruits 5.

The company spent last week creating partnerships from its eye-catching stand at this year’s ICE London. After wincing through a complimentary shot of tequila from the amigo stand, Vegas Slots Online News sat down with marketing manager Iván López to discuss the firm’s ambitions.

Can you tell us a little bit about Amigo Gaming and your role in the company?

I’m the marketing manager for Amigo Gaming. We’re an online slot provider based in Barcelona.

our first big step to building good relationships

We’re a company that has only been live for a short time so we’re looking to grow. For us, ICE London is our first big step to building good relationships and creating business partnerships with operators.

We want to find a way to provide our really great games in all the markets we can. Currently, we have 16 games available and hope to have eight more slots released during the year.

What markets are you currently active in, and do you have plans for expansion?

We’re currently focused on Latin America and Eastern Europe, but we’re hoping to grow into Asia and North America soon.

How has this year’s ICE London been so far? Has it been successful?

Yes actually, at least from my perspective. We’ve done a lot more business than expected. Coming into ICE, I felt like we were a small company with a really great offering, but a lot of people have shown a great deal of interest in our games and especially our branding. That’s something really cool about our company.

People love to stand, people love to sit and chat with the team, and it’s amazing. We’re really surprised and happy about all the interest.

What sets your games apart from other competitors in the market?

One great aspect of our games is that they have really different features and graphics from anything else in the market. The branding is really distinctive as you can see from our stand here.

eight more languages ​​before the end of the year

Another highlight of our games is that they’re available for everyone. We offer them in 17 different dialects, and we’re working to get eight more languages ​​before the end of the year.

You mentioned that you’re a relatively new company. What have been some of your most important achievements since launch?

Because we are so new, every achievement is great. We just had releases of three really amazing games and went live in Latin America around one month ago. We also received licenses for Serbia and Montenegro. All of these achievements are so important at this stage.

What is the plan for the rest of the year and into 2023?

This year is going to finish really great for us. We are building fantastic alliances which we can’t talk about yet because we are closing the final details, but they’re really important deals for us.

Next year, we will be working on that Asian and North American expansion. At the same time, we will also work to cement our place in the Latin American market, building towards securing the highest positions with operators there.


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