What’s special about PartyPoker’s Daily Legends tournaments?

PartyPoker Daily Legends

That’s what the rest of the online poker world thought PartyPoker had gone crazy when it introduced multiple multi-table tournaments under its roof Daily Legends Banner. While some online poker operators allow long post-registration periods and unlimited re-entries, PartyPoker bucked the trend by shortening the former and limiting the latter.

The Daily Legends tournaments were created after a comprehensive analysis of feedback from PartyPoker players. The PartyPoker management team immediately recognized that PartyPoker players were craving this level playing field as they milled tournaments and demanded structures that didn’t turn those tournaments into crapshoots while they were doing business, but also didn’t extend into the wee hours of the next morning. PartyPoker has designed its Daily Legends tournaments with three key elements.

Significantly reduced late registrations

The late registration With some online poker providers, play time can last over two hours or longer. That’s fine if it’s a big tournament taking place during a prestigious festival, but in “normal” times it’s excessive.

There may be long registration periods discouraging for players because they can play for a few hours and still feel like they’re no closer to the money spots. Additionally, some players adopt the strategy of buying into a tournament as late as possible and then tanking until the bubble bursts.

Most of PartyPoker’s Daily Legends allow late registration for ten levels or less, so the “maximum late registered players” will not be able to use their strategy.

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Limited re-entries

There was a time when most online poker tournaments existed Freezes. Then, Additional purchase and add-on Tournaments grew in popularity before re-entry became the norm. Allowing multiple re-entries per player allows an online poker site to set higher guarantees, but allowing unlimited re-entries is not good for every game.

Players with larger balances have a significant advantage in MTTs that allow unlimited or a large number of respawns. They can afford to play like a madman during late registration and buy back if they fail to build a big stack and go bust. Additionally, players may find it frustrating to take down a dangerous opponent only to see them retaliate again and again.

None of the PartyPoker tournaments, not just their Daily Legends, allow unlimited re-entry. As a matter of fact, Most only allow one re-entry, although there are a handful that allow two or three. By removing the advantage that deep-pocketed players have over other participants, PartyPoker creates a level playing field for everyone, and the changes have been welcomed by players, even if it often means the guarantees are slightly lower.

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Recreational player friendly structures

Receive the blind structure of the tournament is a challenging task. If you make it too high, the blind will increase too low and the tournament will drag on forever. On the other hand, if you make the structure flat and make big jumps between levels, luck plays a larger role, lowering the skill factor and turning the tournament into a push-fest, especially in the later stages.

PartyPoker’s poker room team has spent countless hours developing structures that make this possible The best from both worlds. Daily Legends are structured in such a way that they still offer enough scope be ready at a reasonable hour. Professional poker players can easily stay awake until 3:00 a.m. or 4:00 a.m. the next morning because they don’t have to get up for work. Casual gamers need to make sure they get a good night’s sleep before heading to their 9-to-5 job the next day. Daily Legends’ structures make this possible.

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How to play Daily Legends at PartyPokers

There is a Daily Legend for everyone, regardless of their balance level. Buy-ins start at just $0.55 and go up to $320, sometimes more so at online poker festivals. Launch your PartyPoker account, go to the Tournaments tab and check the Daily Legends box to filter the schedule for Daily Legends tournaments only.

Some Daily Legends have unique names, such as centurion, master, PredatorAnd Clasicowhile others have their format as a name.

You will also find Great Daily Legends, which you can immediately recognize by their “super” name. These usually have larger guaranteed prize pools, but still follow the three basic principles mentioned above.


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