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It turns out that betting on Dan Campbell and Patrick Mahomes against the spread is the closest thing to free money available at NFL sports betting.

remained as constant as ever

The NFL playoffs are often the most difficult time of year to beat the oddsmakers, who have a full season of data to help them set their odds. But despite unexpected rises and overwhelming disappointments, these two men have remained as consistent as ever.

While Campbell and Mahomes look to continue their record-breaking streak, it is difficult to fully appreciate the extent of their success. But we tried.

Dan Campbell’s record-breaking pace

The Lions hired Campbell on January 21, 2021 and tasked him with the task of returning their faltering franchise to prominence. The Lions endured a winless season this century and had not won a playoff game since 1992.

Although the results didn’t change immediately, Campbell quickly established a culture of toughness and resilience, coupled with a noticeable level of enthusiasm. Detroit has increased its win total from three to nine and then to 12 wins each year with Campbell at the helm, ultimately making the playoffs this year as a third-seed.

the best spread record of any coach since the merger in 1970

Despite going just 26-26-1 during his tenure in Detroit, the former third-round pick in the 1999 NFL Draft is an incredible 36-17 (68%) against the spread. According to ESPN Stats and Information, this is the best spread record of any coach with at least three seasons of coaching experience since the 1970 merger.

The Lions also finished in the top four in results distribution in each of the last three seasons, and they finished in a league-best 68.4% of their games this season.

Detroit’s epic performances weren’t complete surprises either. They have been the favorite in 16 of 19 games this season and still found a way to pass as the favorite at 11-5 (68.8%) ATS.

Campbell’s next task will be to knock out the San Francisco 49ers, the NFC’s top seed. While he probably won’t care about the odds, he and Detroit enter as seven-point underdogs against a team that went 13-4 (9-9 ATS).

Patrick Mahomes owns the track

Over in the AFC, Mahomes continues to shatter expectations of what an athlete can do.

Even after Tom Brady’s incredible dominance, Mahomes has somehow compiled a more impressive resume at this stage of his career. With a win against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, he has now reached the AFC Championship Game in all six seasons he has been the starting quarterback.

8-3 in a row and 9-1-1 ATS in his career as an underdog

Mahomes is not only a pure winner, but also a sports bettor’s dream. The overall win over Buffalo as a three-point underdog helped him improve to 8-3 straight and 9-1-1 ATS in his career as an underdog.

Sharp bettors know that live betting can be extremely lucrative – the next time Mahomes finds himself behind at the start of a game, it’s worth taking a look at his live odds.

Thanks to his own brilliance, along with the consistency of head coach Andy Reid and the depth of tight end Travis Kelce, Mahomes is 8-2 when trailing by seven or more points in the playoffs. Both losses came to Brady, who appears keen to make his latest retirement his last.

Bettors have the opportunity to see Mahomes as an underdog immediately before Sunday afternoon’s game, in which the Chiefs are 3.5-point underdogs against the top-seeded Baltimore Ravens.


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