Daniel Negreanu Faces Tough Decision in $440K Pot on High Stakes Poker

daniel negreanu high stakes poker

Daniel Negreanu has been on the wrong end of so many coolers over the years High Stakes Pokerbut it appears the tide in starting to turn in his favor, especially following a $440,000 pot he played against Garrett Adelstein on Episode 8 of Season 9 on PokerGO.

Monday’s show provided enough fireworks to power an entire Fourth of July celebration. When the episode began, there was more than $2 million on the table (initial stacks as follows).

player stacks
Garrett Adelstein $536,500
Bryn Kenney $353,000
Krish Menon $336,500
Daniel Negreanu $225,500
Phil Ivey $221,500
Jennifer Tilly $211,500
tom dwan $194,500
Jean Robert Bellande $71,000

Can He Force the Over Pair to Fold?

garrett adelstein high stakes poker
Garrett Adelstein

Adelstein, the top crusher on Hustler Casino Live in Los Angeles, made his High Stakes Poker debut earlier this season. Hey told PokerNews prior to his first appearance, and he said he was disappointed in his overall performance. One of the hands he may have been referring to occurred during Episode 8.

In that hand, he raised to $3,000 from a middle position with {a clubs}{7 clubs} and then Negreanu, directly to his left, made it $10,000 with {10-Diamonds}{10 Hearts}. The aggressive, heavily-bankrolled Southern California pro then four-bet it to $40,000, and his in-position opponent made the call.

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The flop came out {3-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}{5-Spades} and both players surprisingly checked. They again checked the {5 clubs} on the turn before action picked up on the {6-Spades} river when Adelstein, who had over $500,000 in his stack, announced “all in,” effectively a bet of $179,000.

“DNegs,” confused at first by the polarized bet, made the call and took down the $444,500 pot, the largest thus far during Season 9.

Krish’s turn to play a $400K pot

Krish Menon High Stakes Poker
Krish Menon

Krish Menonwho won a massive pot against Doyle Brunson in Episode 6, played two memorable hands during Monday’s show.

In the first, a six-way pot to the flop of {k spades}{3-Diamonds}{q clubs}he checked his set from the small blind with {3-Spades}{3 clubs}, as did everyone else. The turn was the {4 clubs}a great card for Menon because it gave Bellande and his {4 Hearts}{3 Hearts} two pairs. Menon led for $9,000 and then Tilly, holding {a clubs}{8 clubs} for a flush draw called from the big blind.

Bellande then raised it up to $45,000, forcing three players out of the pot, but not enough to eliminate Tilly and Menon from the hand. The river was the {9-Spades}, which changed nothing. The blinds checked it over to JRB who bet out $110,000 into a pot of $151,000, only to watch Krish move all in. Tilly moved out of the way and then Bellande decided to save his final $57,000 and fold, while Menon took down the $428,000 pot .

In the second entertaining hand Menon played, he went for the bluff of the season. Bryn Kenney raised in late position to $3,000 with {a clubs}{2 clubs} and Krish came along on the button with {9-Hearts}{8 Hearts}. Adelstein then three-bet to $18,000 from the big blind with {k-Diamonds}{k clubs} and both players called.

The flop ran out {3-Diamonds}{6 clubs}{4-Diamonds} and Adelstein surprisingly checked. His two opponents followed suit and all three players saw the {8 clubs} on the turn, which hit both Kenney and Menon.

Adelstein, still holding onto the best hand, led for $40,000. Kenney called and then Menon went for a massive raise to $200,000, turning his top pair into a bluff. Both players ended up folding to the aggressive investor.

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Episode 9 will air at 5 pm PT next Monday on PokerGO. Fans can watch every episode, past and present, on-demand by purchasing a PokerGO subscription. We’ll get to see next week if Adelstein was being too hard on himself or if his play wasn’t up to the quality his fans are accustomed to seeing.

*Images courtesy of PokerGO.


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