FanDuel crushes rivals and secures the most betting ad exposure

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According to a report, in 2023, FanDuel will have complete brand dominance over its competitors on TV. [Image:]

win the war

Ad-tracking company has revealed that FanDuel is crushing its US competitors in a bid for dominance in sports betting advertising. From January 1st to August 15th, 2023, FanDuel was the “most watched” sports betting brand on American television.

iSpot shared a link to its Sports Betting TV Ads Transparency Report on Twitter on Wednesday:

FanDuel’s share of TV ad impressions increased approximately 40% to 49% year over year. This means FanDuel has an incredible 28% lead over DraftKings and cements its position as the most watched sports betting brand on TV.

BetMGM came third with 16%, PointsBet fourth and FOX Bet fifth. The latter two have since both announced their exit from the market.

Cross-marketing pays off

Despite all the negative attention TV ads get from political opponents of sports betting like MP Paul Tonko, sports betting companies have actually increased their ads by 25% as of 2022.

More advertising on non-sports broadcasts bolstered FanDuel’s TV dominance in 2023

In addition, iSpot stated that Leading Sports Betting Brands “Mature as TV Advertisers” about cross marketing. More advertising in non-sports broadcasts strengthened FanDuel’s TV dominance in 2023. FanDuel’s advertising is ongoing Friends gave him almost 9% of his ad impressions while they were on On Patrol: Live accounted for almost 3%.

Overall, 41% of impressions of sports betting TV commercials were delivered outside of sports
programming in time.


Earlier this month, FanDuel announced that it had reached a “decisive” turning point in profitability in the first six months of 2023, with total US betting revenue up 78% year-on-year to £1.37 billion (1, $7 billion).

Meanwhile, a July 2023 report by investment firm Jefferies revealed that FanDuel is the absolute leader in sports betting in the US, owning 45% of the online market in terms of gross gaming revenue. DraftKings was second with 30%, while BetMGM’s share was just 9%.


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