Gaming Industry Shows Ukraine Support Amidst Invasion

Ukrainian flag

A coordinated effort by the gambling industry is helping to raise funds for Ukraine refugees during the Russian invasion. [Image:]

Support continues to pour in

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues, an initiative has grown in the gambling community to provide monetary support for Ukraine residents who have been displaced. Gaming Industry for Ukraine plans to raise £250,000 ($333,671), donating the proceeds to the Ukraine Crisis Fundraiser of Choose Love. Thankfully, tons of Ukraine support is flooding in via the effort, with more than half of the goal already raised.

the ads will be seen worldwide

At the same time, Parimatch Tech recently decided to use its advertising space with Premier League partner clubs to show support for Ukraine. The company’s advertisement boards will feature messaging for stopping the war; the ads will be seen worldwide.

Ukraine support from the gaming industry

the Gaming Industry for Ukraine GoFundMe seeks to provide funds to assist Choose Love in its effort to provide displaced people of Ukraine with what they need to survive. So far, over 1 million people have left Ukraine in one week to escape the conflict. Choose Love provides the essential aid needed to help those in the country who wish to leave.

The gambling industry is tied to Ukraine in several ways, with many operators and suppliers working in the country. The initiative asks companies with unused promotional merchandise to help with the effort. Items like towels, clothing, or water bottles can easily be used by refugees as they flee the country.

Former poker pro Eugene Katchalov documented his efforts to keep flee Ukraine on Twitter. Katchalov tweeted updates as he, his wife, and friends journeyed from Kyiv to Hungary. He is now tweeting the progress of his wife’s family’s escape from Kharkiv and helping coordinate refugees with Europeans who are offering places to stay.

So far, the effort has raised over £128,000 ($170,839). Betsson Group is the largest donor so far, providing £25,000 ($33,300), as listed on the GoFundMe page.

Choose Love will make use of the funds raised in the quickest and most efficient manner”

Organizers researched the many options for donation before selecting the Choose Love organization. Initiative organizers commented on the selection, saying: “Choose Love will make use of the funds raised in the quickest and most efficient manner by assisting those who need it most.”

Gambling Industry for Ukraine stated further that with everyone working together, the world could see how the industry can be a force for good.

Parimatch Tech shows support

Parimatch Tech recently decided to provide Ukraine support by utilizing advertising space to show they stand in solidarity with the country. Advertising space with Premier League partner clubs now showcases the tag line “The World is Against War” with hashtag #StandForUkraine.

Parimatch also decided to remove its presence in Russia, no longer displaying its brand within the country

Many Premier League clubs have shown Ukraine support, abandoning partnerships with companies based in Russia. Parimatch repurposed its Premier League advertising boards and decided to create a headquarters to coordinate support work from volunteers of Ukraine.

The goal of the operational headquarters is to provide essential protective equipment to the army in Ukraine. Parimatch will use international associations to deliver the equipment to neighboring countries and domestic areas. So far, the group has provided two buses full of food, medication, and medical aid.


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