Have you ever seen a player hogging time at the poker table?

Parker Talbot

In a brand new feature for PokerStarsthe first ever “Team Pro Vlog” covers the beloved high roller Parker Talbot on his run at PokerStars’ highest-attended live event of all time, the Main event of the Estrellas Poker Tour at 2023 PokerStars EPT Barcelona this August.

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The Canadian Twitch streamer, best known to his fans online as “Tonkaaaa,” made it through a record-breaking field of participants to reach the penultimate day, taking seventh place at the event with a total prize of €105,590.

The lively last two days were dominated by the eccentric performance of the eventual winner, the “Rat Man”. Lucien Cohen. However, an interesting event occurred for Talbot early in the tournament when the Ontario native took time out in the early stages of the event’s third day – confusing his teammates and staff alike.

Why did Tonkaaaa call the clock?

In the vlog, Talbot describes the situation as if he were living by the same rules that he sets for other players. The high-stakes pro explains that he is known to test any player who takes two minutes or more to make up his mind.

Parker Talbot

louvre: 30,000 / 60,000

Talbot holds 3,520,000 stack). KK in the small blind, the player’s 125,000 open in the cutoff (600,000 stack) bets to 300,000 with three bets and is called by both the big blind (6,009,000) and the original raiser.

Flop: J94

Talbot’s continuation bet of 275,000 is increased to 600,000 by the player in the big blind, after some deliberation by folding the original raiser. The Team Pro representative calls as the game continues heads-up.

Turn: K

Talbot makes his move, but the king also completes some straight draws. Talbot checks and the big blind checks back.

Flow: Q

The board is complete and opens up a strong possibility for straight draws and now the spade flush draw.

Talbot bets 725,000 on the river, and his opponent quickly raises to 2,100,000. This sends Talbot into the tank, visibly confused by the runout, and muses, “Ace-of-spades-jack?” At that moment, Talbot kneels in his chair and calls for time, causing the spectators in the tournament room to laugh Casino Barcelona.

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Talbot finally pays attention, as it turns out, when his opponent shows the ace of spades and the jack of spades, confirming the suspicions of the soon to be seventh place player.

The vlog culminates in the “unofficial” final table, with Parker holding on to a short stack until he is eventually eliminated from the tournament and the eventual runner-up’s queens win a three-way pot Ferdinando D’Alessio. Talbot leaves the event with him a result of €105,590and the remaining six players return to the final table of the record-breaking event the next day.

You can now watch the first Team Pro Vlog here PokerStars Global And PokerStars United Kingdom YouTube channels with future vlogs – including Talbot’s buddy Ben “Spraggy” Spragg‘s run at EPT Barcelona.

You can also read about Parker Talbot’s recent WCOOP $10,300 No-Limit Hold’em Super Tuesday High Roller win, which saw the streamer continue his winning streak, giving him a win of $213,228 just three weeks after his Barcelona result.


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