Man Murdered at Vietnam Casino Over a Gambling Debt

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A man has been murdered at a casino in Vietnam after he reportedly failed to repay a gambling debt. [Image:]

Unpaid debts

A man has been murdered at a Vietnam casino, supposedly over a $3,000 unpaid gambling debt. The victim was reportedly a Chinese man and was murdered at the Moc Bai casino on Saturday. Local and provincial police have been conducting investigations into the murder that took place in a region close to the Vietnam-Cambodia border.

the alleged murderer is a supplier of construction materials

The alleged murderer is a supplier of construction materials, Zhu Jun Sheng. Five local police officers went to the scene following the incident, though only two of them managed to gain entry. Nobody from the provincial police or the provincial court would comment on the case.

Other incidents in the locality

In addition to Saturday’s murder, the Moc Bai casino already had a checkered past. Following a raid at the property in 2019, 53 people were removed by law enforcement. There have also been other cases of notable violent acts at the casino in recent times. Other casinos in the locality have been the sites of significant incidents; a man fell to his death at the Crown casino in May, while there was another death at the nearby Heng He casino last month.

murderer had allegedly used $45,000 of his girlfriend’s money to gamble

In another gambling-related murder case involving a casino in Vietnam, a man killed his girlfriend last year in gruesome fashion. The victim had been working at a Da Nang casino and couple got into a gambling dispute. The murderer had allegedly used $45,000 of his girlfriend’s money to gamble, losing it all. She asked him to repay her, but he refused and proceeded to kill her. Police subsequently arrested the man and he received the death penalty.

Plenty of gambling activity

Lots of gambling activity takes place in the Moc Bai area in Vietnam and the nearby city of Bavet in Cambodia. The latter is a special economic zone of Cambodia; a major portion of the region’s economic activity comes from cockfighting and casinos.

Vietnam’s nine licensed casinos were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic travel restrictions, experiencing a significant drop in revenue.

Due to its location close to the border, many Vietnam nationals visit Bavet. Both Vietnam and Cambodia largely block their own citizens from using the casinos within their borders. There is an ongoing pilot scheme in Vietnam that allows locals to gamble at certain casinos in the country if they meet specific criteria.


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