NBC Sports Partners With SportsDataIO for 360° Platform

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NBC Sports and SportsDataIO joined forces to create a 360-degree platform for sports data and news. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

cohesive integration

NBC Sports has partnered with information provider SportsDataIO to create a new “data-plus-news feed” for consumers.

lineups, injuries, rosters, and depth charts, creating an instant market-leading product bundle”

“Being selected as NBC Sports’ exclusive distribution partner for their best-in-class player news gives us the final component to round out our Players’ Feed product, containing lineups, injuries, rosters, and depth charts, creating an instant market-leading product bundle,” said SportsDataIO President Dustin Sullivan.

Under the new alliance, visitors will have the opportunity to receive player updates directly from NBC Sports EDGE, originally Rotoworld, to enhance their newsgathering experience. Data will be essential for up-to-the-second adjustments in fantasy football, sports betting, and daily fantasy sports.

Leaning into betting

NBC Sports has been leaning into gambling recently, promoting more betting-related content and highlighting betting lines during on-air segments.

As proof, the company hired former PointsBet head trader Jay Croucher to host his podcast “Bet the Edge” on NBC Sports EDGE and co-host “Fantasy Football Happy Hour with Matthew Berry” and “Fantasy Football Pregame with Matthew Berry” on Peacock.

In September, NBC Sports signed a deal with BetMGM that sent them numbers and analytics with the option to integrate them into their platform. Meanwhile, it also established a co-branded PGA Tour Pick ‘Em earlier in the year.

not the only company moving towards the inevitable integration of sports betting

NBC Sports is not the only company moving toward the inevitable integration of sports betting and news coverage. As recently as Friday morning, DraftKings’ stock was surging upwards after rumors began swirling that it was close to an agreement with leading sports authority ESPN.

If the partnership is a representation of what is to come, sports fans can expect more and more multimedia betting-related content, assisted by SportsDataIO’s metrics and information.

SportsDataIO meets NBC Sports

SportsDataIO has been delivering sports information for 15 years. They have linked up with hundreds of providers and established a reputation as an elite outlet for sports data.

The company offers different services and analyses, including API feed, data visualization, and outcome-predicting algorithms, all used to build the best platform. As a result, NBC Sports consumers can expect a more cohesive and simplified experience moving forward.

a true 360-degree content offering”

“Rotoworld’s Player News, coupled with SportsDataIO’s Player Data, gives first-time access to Media, Fantasy, Sports Betting sites, and more—a true 360-degree content offering,” said Ed Williams, senior director of content (betting/gaming) for NBC Sports EDGE and Rotoworld. “Combining the best player news and the most timely and thorough sports data in the market creates a valuable and winning combination.”

The partnership comes at an important time, with the MLB and NFL seasons ongoing, the NBA season less than two weeks away, and the 2022 World Cup coming up at the end of November when Peacock will be providing coverage of the events.


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