Oohwee213 Wins $500 No Limit Hold’em Deepstack With a Horrendous Beat ($149,729)

Ooohwee213 wins

The seventh online WSOP bracelet event of the 2022 World Series of Poker has come to a close on WSOP.com with Oohwee213 taking the victory winning the WSOP gold bracelet other $149,729. The identity of Oohwee213 is not yet known, but PokerNews will provide the information as soon as it is available.

Oohwee123 outlasted 2.161 opponents (including re-entries) who generated a prize pool of $972,900. Among the notable players who made it into the cash were Daniel “Dnegs” Negreanu, Jamie “Dan Bilzerian” Kerstetterand Daniel “Brett_Favre” Zack.

After 12 hours of play, the action wrapped up at 3.47 am local time when Oohwee123 delivered one of the worst bad beats to their heads-up opponent, Dylan “Aurelius” Smith. Smith was all in with pocket aces and was a 95% favorite on the flop, but Oohwee123 went runner-runner to hit a straight to win the tournament, and Smith had to settle for second place and $92,553.

The other big story was Nick “CashUsKlay” Schulman on the hunt for his fourth bracelet fell agonizingly short by exiting in sixth place for $27,728.

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$500 Deepstack No Limit Hold’em WSOP Bracelet Event Final Table

Place players Country Payout
1st Ooohwee213 United States $149,729
2nd Dylan “Aurelius” Smith United States $92,553
3rd dripseason1 United States $67,519
4th Kevin “kingkung99” Kung United States $49,715
5th Vuong “Luckyboy201” Thu United States $36,970
6th Nick “CashUsKlay” Schulman United States $27,728
7th Jeffrey “Goodfellas2” Ditanna United States $20,917
8th Ryan “Lovemy11cats” Belz United States $15,956
9th Nibbles99 United States $12,356

Final table action

Ooohwee213 came into the final table sixth in chips but soon stepped on the gas to establish dominance in the latter stages. Firstly Ooohwee213 sent Nibbles99 to the rail after cracking their pocket jacks by catching a full house.

The next opponent in the crosshairs for Ooohwee213 was Schulman who only had five big blinds going into the hand. Ooohwee213’s pocket sevens held on despite Schulman flopping an up and down straight draw.

The mark was laid down by Ooohwee213 who then knocked out Vuong “Luckyboy201” Thu with pocket kings and Kevin “kingkung99” Kung with pocket queens in quick succession, which gave Ooohwee213 60% of chips going into a three-way battle with dripseason1 and Smith.

Smith got the better of dripseason1 by hitting top pair on the flop against dripseason1’s second pair, which paved the way for the cooler of the century where Smith’s aces were cracked by a runner-runner straight.

This concludes coverage of this tournament, there is still plenty of action to come at the World Series of Poker and PokerNews will bring you all of the breaking news.

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