PokerNews Podcast Special: Shaun Deeb Talks $800,000 Body Fat Prop Buyout and the 2024 WSOP Schedule


In this special episode of the PokerNews Podcast sponsored by 888poker, Chad Holloway goes one on one Shaun Deebwho accepted an $800,000 buyout on his body fat bet in exchange for $1 million Bill Perkins.

Almost 11 months ago, poker players agreed to a 14-month bet on Deeb’s ability to significantly reduce his body fat percentage. There were basically no conditions for the bet – either you had to reach a body fat percentage of 17% at the start of the competition 2024 World Series of Poker (WSOP)or lose $100,000.

Last month, Deeb gave his X-followers an update on his progress, and it was certainly positive in his favor. A dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) scan on January 25 showed his Body fat had dropped to 23.9% still four months to go. This led Perkins to suggest potential takeover opportunities for X, even though no agreement had officially been reached.

Shaun Deeb accepts taking on a $1 million body fat loss bet

On Friday he had another DEXA scan and was in even better shape – 22.0% body fat. Then on Saturday, the future Poker Hall of Famer informed his social media followers that Perkins was out of the bet just over three months after the tournament began for $800,000 WSOP 2024.

Deeb shared all the details of his journey, why he decided to take over and where he plans to go from here. Plus, hear his thoughts on the 2024 WSOP schedule.

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Listen to these stories and more in the latest episode of PokerNews Podcast.

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Time Theme
00:01 Welcome to the show
00:40 Sponsor: 888poker
01:34 Shaun Deeb joins the show
02:38 Still 17%
04:00 Does the beard work?
04:45 Announce the buyout
05:55 How did you do it?
10:55 What was the biggest challenge for you?
11:34 How Chad met Deeb’s wife
13:48 A lot of people didn’t believe it could be done
5:45 p.m Do you have a celebration in mind when you reach your goal?
6:00 p.m The story of Ted’s Fish Fry
7:37 p.m Thoughts on the 2024 WSOP Schedule
23:29 Who is Charlie?
25:32 When will you turn 40 and be inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame?
25:54 I think about the family
27:58 Aim for abdominal muscles
28:42 How many side actions are there in this bet?

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