Vincent Meli wins £159,000 and the UKIPT Season Finale Main Event Trophy


The PokerStars UKIPT Season Finale Main Eventruns on From dusk to dawn in Nottingham has come to an end and a new champion has been crowned.

It was a fast-paced final table. After about five hours of play Vincent Meli from France emerged as the overall winner.

Meli, 43, has lived in London for 15 years and has played poker professionally for nine of those years. His focus has always been on live cash games and after taking some time off shortly before Corona, he switched to tournaments. He found the change difficult and failed to achieve any significant results. Until he completed the UKIPT Nottingham Main Event.

Meli was against it Patricia Brandt Heads up. Brandt, who is originally from Germany but is now based at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham, has had a successful year. Winning the Sunday Million on PokerStars was one of the highlights of the 40-year-old pro’s recent results, along with “some other big results” online and deep runs in live tournaments.

Vincent Meli

In total 1,227 entries were distributed over five starting flights and generated a prize pool of £1,177,920 ($1,447,218). Of these entries, only 185 players made it to day two to claim the min cash of £1,650 ($2,027), and only ten players returned on day three to compete for the title and trophy.

Once the tournament was down to two players, they made a deal. Brandt came into the heads-up game as the chip leader and was able to take a little more of the chop with him. The couple decided to leave £2,000 ($2,457) behind to gamble on, in addition to their coveted winnings PokerStars Trophy.

It was a short heads-up battle. Meli soon had the lead and Brandt was forced to push his short stack. After losing the flip, Meli was crowned champion.

Brandt took £168,425 ($206,930) for a technical second place finish. Meli has now earned it £159,325 ($195,750) and the trophy.

UKIPT Nottingham Main Event final table results

Location player country Price Price (USD)
1 Vincent Meli France £159,325* $195,750
2 Patricia Brandt Germany £168,425* $206,930
3 Andrew Tuxworth Great Britain £90,070 $110,662
4 Thomas Middleton Great Britain £69,250 $85,082
5 John Farrell Ireland £53,300 $65,486
6 Jack Nolan Great Britain £41,000 $50,374
7 Matthew Bonham Great Britain £31,400 $38,889
8th Niall Murray Great Britain £24,200 $38,579
9 William Nuez Spain £18,650 $22,914

*Denotes heads-up deal

Action on the last day

Final table

Because the field for the event was so large, the action didn’t reach the final table in time for the third day. Ten players returned to the table to play for the title.

Alessandro Spina was the first to fold after losing a big pot to Brandt, then short shoved and folded to Murray. There was then a break at the start of the official final table.

Although he scored a one-two earlier in the day, William Nuez became the first player to exit the final table after shoving with a short stack and being eliminated by Tom Middleton. Meanwhile, Meli and Brandt continued to gain weight.

Niall Murray He was next after he shoved from the button and was called by Brandt, who held up his ace and sent Murray to the rail. Matthew Bonham, who started Day 3 as the chip leader, had fallen behind after losing several big pots. He pushed with king-queen and was called by Meli with pocket nines. Meli held and Bonham retired in seventh place.

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At the final table, which turned out to be very quick indeed, several players were eliminated within an hour. Jack Nolan Raised with pocket jacks and Brandt pushed with ace-king. Brandt made a full house, sending PokerStars qualifier Nolan to the rail in sixth place. John Farrell had a short stack since the beginning of the third day and was able to climb several places. He called all-in from the big blind with a short stack and lost the hand to be eliminated in fifth place.

A few minutes later Meli pushed from the button with pocket nines and Thomas Middleton called with ace seven. Meli held and Middleton retired in fourth place. Andrew Tuxworth had also moved up several places and was sitting on the smallest stack since the game was played with three players. He tried to squeeze out of the big blind and was called by Brandt, who stood high with ace and beat Tuxworth in third place.

Andrew Tuxworth
Andrew Tuxworth

When it came to the heads-up game between Brandt and Meli, the players immediately looked at the numbers and a few moments later had agreed on a straightforward deal. Brandt was the chip leader at the time, so he took home £168,425 from the deal. Meli happily accepted £157,325.

The players left behind £2,000 and the trophy to play for.

As the heads-up phase progressed, Meli took the chip lead from Brandt, showed a river bluff and won a large pot with pocket jacks against Brandt’s pocket fives. Brandt stayed short and was pushed from the button with pocket threes. Meli called with queen-six and hit a queen on the river to end the game.

Brandt took second place. Meli won the additional £2,000 and the trophy, bringing his total prize money to £159,325. He is now also the UKIPT Season Finale Main Event champion.

That’s the end of it PokerNews Coverage of the UKIPT season finale, but be sure to check out our live coverage hub for more exciting tournaments around the globe.

Main Event Trophy
Main Event Trophy


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