According to the survey, DraftKings is the leading US sports betting provider

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A new survey suggests that DraftKings is currently the preferred online sports betting platform in the US. [Image:]

Interesting insights

A new survey suggests that DraftKings now takes the top spot in the rankings of US online gambling operators. Investment bank Truist Securities conducted research in which respondents indicated which sports betting platform they preferred.

DraftKings received 29% of the vote, followed by FanDuel with 22%

DraftKings received 29% of the vote, followed by FanDuel with 22%. When ranking their head-to-head picks between these two giants, 61% of players sided with DraftKings. The reasons for favoring one over the other were quite mixed, suggesting that there is not much difference between the two.

Interpretation of the results

Truist Securities analyst Barry Jonas summarized the survey results and said the data shows DraftKings is the “clear winner,” although he believes the operators can coexist. He also noted that the recently launched ESPN Bet received a lot of positive feedback, which could indicate the possibility of strong growth in its market share over time.

Around three quarters of those surveyed said that they mainly place combination bets, which are particularly profitable for the operators.

Jonas believes that the leading operators are also best at promoting responsible gambling, which will stand them in good stead in the event of a regulatory crackdown.

Also a leader in iGaming

DraftKings also led the way with its iGaming platform, with 27% of people choosing this offering over all others. FanDuel followed with 18% support and 14% for BetMGM. Approximately 62% of respondents said they would prefer to use the same platform for their sports betting and iGaming needs.

Supporting other recent research, the overall results found that iGaming platforms do not reduce the profits of land-based casinos.


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