The Micro Madness series with a €1 million guarantee runs on the iPoker network

Micro Madness at iPoker

Online poker tournament players who frequently participate in micro and low-stakes events are flocking to the iPoker network 1 million euros guaranteed Micro Madness Series. The online festival, running from April 3rd to 15th, features dozens of affordable tournaments with guaranteed total prize pools worth over €1 million.

Where to play Micro Madness events?

The €1 million guaranteed Micro Madness series runs across the iPoker network, so you’re spoiled for choice as to where to get started. Online poker giants like Betfair Poker, bet365 Poker, Betsafe, Grosvenor PokerAnd Paddy Power Poker Share the traffic so you can play €1 million worth of Micro Madness tournaments in each of them.

Although you have accounts and can claim welcome bonuses on all sites in the iPoker network, you can only access one client at a time. Decide which website you like best, launch it, claim your welcome bonus and become a Micro Madness champion.

The three tournament types of Micro Madness

Micro Madness’s €1 million plan is packed with events that take place around the clock. All tournaments fall into one of three categories: Flown, Graduated and specialAnd Snack events.

What are Micro Madness Flighted tournaments?

Flighted tournaments are multi-day events that often include dozens of Day 1 tournaments. Many of these events are “Stack Builders,” meaning that if you advance to Day 2 more than once, your stacks will be combined in the finals.

These flight events have buy-ins from 1 to 30 euros and guaranteed prize pools worth up to 100,000 euros.

What are Micro Madness Special Tournaments?

Special tournaments are the bread and butter of the Micro Madness series, the main tournaments of the series. Under this banner you will find a variety of tournaments with buy-ins between 1 and 55 euros, which have guaranteed prize pools worth 200 to 100,000 euros. The €100,000 guarantee applies to the Mini High Roller, which starts at 16:00 GMT on April 14th.

What are Micro Madness snack events?

Snack Events are daily tournaments that repeat daily in a quick format. They are intended as a snack while you wait for your main meal at Flighted and Special tournaments. These quick tournaments have buy-ins of €0.50, €2 and €5 with guarantees of €100, €200 and €500.

€100,000 guaranteed Micro Madness Mystery Main Event

The Micro Madness Main Event is a mystery bounty tournament with a buy-in of €30 and a guaranteed prize pool of €100,000. Day 1 takes place several times a day up to and including April 15th.

Everyone participating on Day 1 sits down with 50,000 chips and plays every ten minutes, with blinds and antes starting at 250/500/75a. The game continues until the end of level 18 or until only a predetermined number of players remain from each flight; This number changes depending on the number of participants and will be clearly displayed in the lobby once post-registration ends.

Day 2 begins on April 15th at 9:30pm GMT and the Mystery Bounties will be in play from the start. Eliminate an enemy to unlock the mysterious bounty on their head.

Players can qualify for Day 2 multiple times, with the piles from each Day 2 pile being combined into one before the cards are in the air.

Join the Micro Madness series today

The €1 million Micro Madness series is in full swing with multiple events taking place every day. Now it’s time to join Betfair Poker, Bet365 Poker, Betsafe, Grosvenor Poker and Paddy Power Poker and see if you can become a poker champion in April.


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