FuboTV Adds Sports Betting to Its Live Streaming Services

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FuboTV is joining the betting scene by offering sports gambling services to streaming users, including real-money wagering in Iowa and Arizona. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Special deals in Arizona and Iowa

Streaming service FuboTV is joining the betting scene as users in Iowa and Arizona will soon be able to place cash bets on sporting events.

our mission is to transform the TV experience through interactive engagement”

“Our mission is to transform the TV experience through interactive engagement, including free gaming and real-money wagering, into streaming video,” David Gandler, FuboTV co-founder and CEO, said in a statement.

As of Sunday, June 19, all FuboTV users will be able to predict the outcomes of live games. Customers outside of Iowa and Arizona will compete for points, which will correspond to a fluctuating leaderboard and allow sports fans to test their wits against other users. Fubo is calling this the “Perfect Pick’ems” and plans on unveiling more contests in the future.

The new-look FuboTV

Fubo’s audience in Iowa and Arizona will be the biggest winners from the new announcement. Unlike their compatriots in the other 48 states, they will have the opportunity to earn real money with their predictions.

Once players have predicted which team they think will win an event, they can scan a QR code on the screen; they will then be redirected to Fubo Sportsbook, the sports-betting platform of the service, where they can place a real-money bet.

Fubo’s sportsbook previously offered live betting but never combined its gambling enterprise into its streaming service.

Other popular sports-centric streaming platforms such as DAZN and Sling also offer betting options, increasing the competition for an audience. Disney has even explored options with ESPN and could soon form another monster in the market.

Opportunities on the horizon

Sports betting has been a booming market in recent years as states continue to ramp up legislation efforts, with over half of them having already enacted legislation and others entering advanced stages of planning.

FuboTV is taking the opportunity to integrate itself into the market.

States such as North Carolina are targeting the popular American football season for their launch of legal gambling. Being one of many streaming platforms, FuboTV is taking the opportunity to integrate itself into the market.

Fubo offers four different packages, each with differing degrees of coverage. Plans can run up to $100 per month at the top level and include access to sports, SHOWTIME, unlimited screens, and more.


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