Mike Uzi and Terry Jaglarsky Take Home the Belts in FPN Tag Team Championship

Mike Uzi and Terry Jaglarsky

The fourth and final qualifier at the Free Poker Network Chasin’ Bracelets National Championship has come to an end and the team of Mike Uzi other Terry Jaglarsky have claimed the championship belts after outlasting a field of 87 teams.

In addition to the Tag Team Championship belts, the winners have punched their ticket into Sunday’s championship event along with the rest of the final table finishers. The final nine teams will return on Sunday at 10 am for their shot at one of the two $11,500 main event packages waiting at the top of the prize pool.

2023 FPN Tag Team Championship Final Table Results

rank team Home State Prize
1 Mike Uzi and Terry Jaglarsky Illinois Tag Team Belts, Championship Entry + 10K Bonus Chips, and $160
2 Nels Peterson and Bob Schreiner Minnesota Championship Entry and $160
3 Dave Willmert and Johnny Shelley Nevada Championship Entry and $160
4 Joel and Nikki Smith Minnesota Championship Entry and $160
5 Justin Moore and Gordo Makely Illinois Championship Entry and $160
6 Adam Sabatka and Michelle Bain Nebraska Championship Entry and $160
7 Andy Holt and Roger Baker Minnesota Championship Entry and $160
8th Troy Demann and Milt Berg Minnesota Championship Entry and $160
9 Jose Waybright and Dan Stanley Delaware Championship Entry and $160

All qualifiers also received their entry fee back, and those that have already qualified for Sunday’s event will receive bonus starting chips.

Final table action

Among the final table finalists were three former FPN National Champions: Nelson Peterson, Troy Demanand JoelSmith.

Justin Moore kicked off the final table action with a big double he shoved a pair of aces on the flop and Adam Sabatka called with a lower kicker.

First to go was the team of Jose Waybright other DanStanley when Stanley got it in and found four callers with king-jack. Nelson Peterson was the one to knock him out when his pair of eights took the pot with a straight. Soon after, it was the team of Troy Deman other mild mountain out in eighth with king-deuce when Uzi knocked them out with his suited queen-jack.

Moments later it was Andy Holt other Roger Baker out in seventh place when their ace-jack ran into Willmert’s Big Slick. Adam Sabatka other Michelle Bain followed in sixth when Sabatka started running low on chips and had to commit with king-four. Uzi was there with Big Slick to take him out and the tournament was down to its final five players.

Mike Uzi
Mike Uzi

Moore and Gordo Makely Tried their luck with pocket eights but Smith was there with a pair of pocket aces to send them out in fifth. The hand gave Smith the chip lead, but he soon handed it over to Peterson in a big double when his nine-eight couldn’t improve against pocket queens. Smith was out soon in fourth place when he flopped a pair of queens but lost to Willmert’s turned straight.

The final three battled for a short time until Willmert shoved with king-six and Terry Jaglarsky knocked him out with a suited queen-jack to send the tournament in heads-up play.

The final two teams came in to the final stage relatively even, but Peterson and Schreiner took an early lead before Uzi and Jaglarsky doubled into a big lead with ace-queen against Peterson’s suited king-ten. The big moment came when Peterson shoved with king-jack but Uzi had pocket kings to close the deal.

Be sure to keep it with the PokerNews team on Sunday for live updates from the floor of the FPN Chasin’ Bracelets National Championship at Golden Nugget in Downtown Las Vegas.

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