UFC Coach Reportedly Worked With Offshore Sportsbook

UFC championship belt

Suspended UFC coach James Krause has reportedly been working as an agent for an offshore sportsbook. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Information coming to light

A mixed martial arts (MMA) coach who is part of an ongoing betting investigation was reportedly working with an offshore sportsbook. ESPN reported the allegations on Thursday, citing numerous sources who stated that James Krause was an offshore sportsbook agent for years.

agent for the Costa Rica-based ABCBetting sportsbook

People who had been placing bets through Krause claim that the coach was an agent for the Costa Rica-based ABCBetting sportsbook, dating back to 2019. Krause has already admitted that he was a part of an online wagering group that was engaged in a number of different activities.

His role as an agent reportedly saw him providing bettors with login info for the sportsbook and often a line of credit. They would place wagers through the site and directly pay Krause if they lost, typically through PayPal or Venmo.

Suspicious betting activity

Krause’s potential involvement in shady betting came to light following a UFC fight on November 5, where he coached Darrick Minner against Shayilan Nuerdanbieke. Numerous US government agencies are currently investigating suspicious betting activity surrounding the bout.

Sportsbooks in New York, New Jersey, and even offshore reported a lot of unusual betting activity on Minner losing the fight in the first round and/or for the bout to last under 2.5 rounds. Ultimately, Minner was knocked out just over a minute into the fight.

Following the suspicious betting activity, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement stopped sportsbooks from accepting bets on any events involving Krause. The incident also led to some jurisdictions in Canada briefly suspending all betting on UFC fights.

UFC fighters and their teams were only banned from betting on fights in October. This included fights in which they were involved. Betting was reportedly widespread among fighters and their teams before the introduction of the ban.

Both Minner and Krause were suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission indefinitely for not disclosing details of an injury during a pre-fight medical questionnaire. Another one of Krause’s fighters, Jeff Molina, has also been suspended by the commission. Talking about his suspension, Molina said that it was for “betting on UFC just like half the roster does.” The UFC has since released Minner from its books and told anyone who trains with Krause or uses his gym that they would also face bans.

A reputation for betting

Krause had a decent reputation in MMA before the allegations came to light. He was seen as one of the up-and-coming coaches who was aiding numerous UFC title contenders, such as the interim flyweight champion in the UFC, Brandon Moreno.

the subscription betting tips service he was running had about 2,000 subscribers

During a podcast in August, Krause revealed that the subscription betting tips service he was running had about 2,000 subscribers, including several UFC fighters. He also spoke about how he bets on every UFC card and nearly every fight and that betting was his biggest source of revenue.

The UFC wasn’t in the dark about Krause’s betting activity, as he hosted a betting podcast broadcast on the UFC’s streaming platform. About three weeks after the controversial UFC fight involving Minner, Krause’s betting tips service was shut down.


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