Your last chance to become PokerStars UKIPT Champion in 2023 begins on November 5th

PokerStars UKIPT Nottingham

Exciting again PokerStars United Kingdom and Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT) The season ends in November, meaning time is quickly running out if becoming UKIPT champion is on your 2023 to-do list. The UKIPT is currently taking place in Edinburgh until October 29th PokerNews reports the £1,100 Main Event but has no time to rest as everything is immediately packed up and driven off into dusk until dawn UKIPT Nottingham Festival.

UKIPT Nottingham is coming to an end 5th-13th November in the home of British poker, From dusk to dawn. November 5th is traditionally Bonfire Night in the UK, and the first of five will see numerous fireworks displays across the East Midlands £1,100 UKIPT Nottingham Main Event Flights take place from 12:00 p.m. By the way, the main event boasts a £1 million guarantee on its prize pool.

There will be a short break before the rest of the UKIPT Nottingham schedule begins at 5pm UK time November 8th with the £3,200 UKIPT Super High Roller.

The Main Event continues on November 9th and from here on out PokerNews will provide industry-leading updates on the £1 million guaranteed tournament. The Main Event includes five flights in total, with a 20-minute clock (instead of 40 minutes) taking place on Day 1E. Day 2 takes place on November 12th, with the champion crowning taking place on November 13th.

There are several other tournaments that players can participate in, including this UKIPT Cup worth £330 and a £2,200 UKIPT High Roller.

PokerStars UKIPT Nottingham 2023 schedule

Date Time Event Buy in
Sun, Nov 5th 12.00 UKIPT Main Event Day 1A £1,100
5.00 Qualification for the UKIPT Main Event £60
6:00 p.m Qualifying for the £3,200 Super High Roller £170
Wed, November 8th 5.00 UKIPT Super High Rollers £3,200
6:00 p.m No Limit Hold’em 6-Max Freezeout £120
8:00 pm Qualification for the UKIPT Main Event £60
Thu, November 9th 12.00 UKIPT Main Event Day 1B £1,100
1:00 pm Final day of the UKIPT Super High Roller £3,200
14:00 clock Pot Limit Omaha £230
5.00 No Limit Hold’em 8-Max Freezeout £120
8:00 pm Qualification for the UKIPT Main Event £90
Fri, November 10th 12.00 UKIPT Main Event Day 1C £1,100
3:00 p.m Qualification for the UKIPT Main Event £60
19:30 o’clock Qualification for the UKIPT Main Event £90
Sat. 11.11 12.00 UKIPT Main Event Day 1D £1,100
1:00 pm Qualification for the UKIPT Main Event £60
7 p.m UKIPT Main Event Day 1E Turbo £1,100
8:00 pm Qualifying for the £2,200 High Roller £170
Sun, Nov 12th 11:15 a.m Qualifying Freeroll £0
12.00 UKIPT Cup £330
12.00 UKIPT Main Event, Day 2
14:00 clock UKIPT High Roller Day 1 £2,200
6:00 p.m UKIPT Cup Day 1B £330
Monday, November 13th 12.00 UKIPT High Roller final day £2,200
12.00 Last day of the UKIPT main event
1:00 pm UKIPT Cup final day
3:00 p.m No Limit Hold’em Mystery Bounty £560
5.00 No Limit Hold’em Closer £120

Like with UKIPT Edinburghh, it is possible to play a remote Day 1 for the UKIPT Nottingham Main Event in the Hippodrome Casino in London at 2:00 p.m. on October 29th. This day 1 follows the exact structure of the flights in Nottingham, except that you will be in London for it. If you make it to the second day, you’ll head north to Nottingham, where your finishing stack will be waiting for you on November 12th.

Try the PokerNews online tournament calendar and find your perfect PokerStars tournament. Apply filters to narrow your search before hitting the tables and becoming a PokerStars champion.

Former UKIPT Nottingham Champions

The UKIPT Nottingham Main Event is traditionally one of the UKIPT’s most popular stops as it consistently creates large prize pools.

Andrew Couldridge won £80,000 after winning the inaugural UKIPT Nottingham Main Event in May 2010. Gareth Walker triumphed in 2011 and previously pocketed £97,000 Robert Baguley earned a record-breaking £210,400 in 2012.

Two other UKIPT Nottingham Main Events have awarded a six-figure top prize. In 2014, Duncan McLellan left Nottingham with £202,372 for his efforts, while Sam Mitten-Laurence secured a payout of £182,000 the following year.

Adam Maxwell is the reigning champion, having prevailed against 582 spectators in July 2022. Maxwell topped up his balance with £98,150.

Date Buy in Participant Price pool champion Price
May 2010 £560 650 £325,000 Andrew Couldridge £80,000
February 2011 £560 1,058 £529,000 Gareth Walker £97,700
April 2012 £770 1,625 £1,137,500 Robert Baguley £210,400
November 2013 £1,100 458 £500,000 Ben Mayhew £72,840
May 2014 £1,100 1,223 £1,223,000 Duncan McLellan £202,372
April 2015 £1,100 1,026 £1,000,000 Sam Mitten Laurence £182,000
July 2022 £1,100 582 £582,000 Adam Maxwell £98,150

UKIPT Nottingham Satellite and Current Path Passes

As you would expect, PokerStars has plenty of online satellites to the UKIPT Nottingham Main Event, although the final satellite in the lobby is scheduled to take place on October 29th.

You can also redeem a Silver Pass at PokerStars the Power Path promotion for a UKIP Nottingham package worth $2,500. These packages include a Main Event seat valued at £1,100, entry to the UKIPT Cup valued at £330 with the remaining amount credited towards expenses, limited edition merch, live event connection support and exclusive UKIPT Nottingham activities .

Dusk Till Dawn also has several Main Event satellites, some of which guarantee up to 20 seats worth £1,100. So be sure to check these out.


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