Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis Agree to Bet Fight Purse

Garcia Davis

On a stream with Kai Cenat (top left), Gervonta Davis (top right) and Ryan Garcia (bottom) agreed to wager the entire purse of their upcoming fight. [Image: br_betting Twitter]

In one of the most hotly anticipated boxing bouts in recent history, Ryan Garcia is due to fight Gervonta Davis on Saturday at a catchweight of 136 pounds. However, not satisfied with just taking their shares of the purse at the end, the American fighters have agreed to put all of the cash on the line.

The whole thing! The entire purse.”

Davis and streamer Kai Cenat, who only this week received a Twitch ban, joined Garcia on an Instagram live stream on Monday. Davis and Cenat were the first to raise the subject of placing a wager on the match. Asked what they want to bet by Garcia, the two replied: “The whole thing! The entire purse.”

After some back and forth between the fighters, Garcia made things more official by insisting that the pair make a contract to seal in the wager. “You hear me on the live,” asserted Garcia. “Let’s bet for sure. Let’s make a contract and let’s sign it both of us.” Cenat proceeded to jump around the room in celebration:

Billed as “It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This,” Saturday’s fight pits two of boxing’s most exciting stars against each other. Davis is the current WBA lightweight champion, while Garcia is the former WBC interim lightweight champion. Both have undefeated records going into the match.


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