Yo Mama Joke Prompts WWE-Style Fight at Hustler Casino

Yo Mama pasta sauce

A Texas Hold’em game was thrown for a loop after a “yo mama” insult led to a patron being tased. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Don’t talk about someone’s mama

Card counting, sleight of hand, and now, “yo mama” jokes are the official trifecta of poker’s dark side.

A Tuesday night $2/$5 No-limit Hold’em game turned into a theatrical brawl between patrons of Hustler Casino in Los Angeles, California, as a result of a “yo mama” quip. The snarky spewer quickly engaged in fisticuffs with his incensed opponent, leading to hitting, chair-throwing, and eventually, tasing.

The casino has banned three people involved in the fight permanently; Hustler’s general manager Shaun Yaple said that all three have agreed not to press charges.

“Yo Mama” just ruined a poker game

A video of the incident quickly began circulating the internet as onlookers laughed at the extravagance of such a simple insult.

Profanity and various insults were thrown around prior to the violence, but the “yo mama” truly sent the confrontation over the edge. A Hustler security guard was forced to intervene and subdue the aggressor by tasing him, after which he complied.

Nick Vertucci, co-owner of Hustler Casino Live, felt that the security guard acted swiftly and accordingly.

Hustler’s security was spot on. Don’t talk about no one’s mama.”

“No violence tolerated [at Hustler Casino],” Vertucci said. “Hustler’s security was spot on. Don’t talk about no one’s mama.”

What’s going on at Hustler?

Late high-stakes poker player Larry Flynt founded Hustler in June of 2000.

The casino made national headlines in February for banning a rubbernecking gambler known as “Skillsrocks”, albeit for more expected reasons than a chair-throwing “yo mama” engagement, as well as a recent influencer event featuring Phil Hellmuth, Mr. Beast, and others. Thank goodness nobody involved in this battle had the opportunity to escalate it further.

Hustler is unable to release the names of the combatants, however, the video clearly shows their faces.


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